Made at a week on a SPENDING FAST

A spending fast. LOL  I completed a 24 hour food fast last week and saw the 181s TWICE. Woo hoo.   It was kinda hard though. I'm gonna try and do 2 24hr fasts this week. The 170s are SO CLOSE.  So so close. I have an older pair of Eddie Bauer capris that I am using as mini-goal pants.  They are labeled a size 14. I'm sure they are at least 10 years old and before vanity sizing really took off (because current Eddie Bauer 14's fit me).

No onto the OTHER fast. After my debt free post I decided to implement a SPENDING FAST on the family. We didn't eat out for 6 whole days. No convenience store drinks, treats, fast food, Buffalo Wild Wings - nuthin.  And then Tom was asked to help out at the VFW for a couple of hours Saturday night.  He doesn't get paid when he does that BUT he can comp a pizza. So we ate dinner at the VFW - June's favorite Cheeseburger Pizza with pickles on top.  He used his bartending tip money from that 2 hours to pay for our drinks. He came out…

I want to be debt free.

There. I said it. I WANT TO BE DEBT FREE.

There was a time in 2010-2011 when we were debt free. We paid cash for a cheap house and lived off one tiny income for a couple of years. But it didn't feel good. I had to dig in the couch cushions a couple of times for milk money. We weren't saving anything. We were living in a drafty old house in constant need of repair, basically still living paycheck to paycheck.

But then life happened, kids happened, medical emergencies happened, sewer lines collapsed (seriously, you don't want that to happen!), old beater cars broke, I wanted two bathrooms....

And faster than you can say CHARGE IT we have a mortgage, 2 car payments, a boat payment (ugh, husband) and some credit card debt again.  I read Total Money Makeover back in 2015 and started half-heartedly tracking our spending and debt. I have been working a spreadsheet faithfully once a week since then. I know exactly what we owe. We are making progress. Slow, sloth-like progress. But…
RAWR!  It's the end of July and I am hanging out on Nina Island, an imaginary spot with a special, invisible shield surrounding it that keeps my family out of my way. Because I might hurt them, with words or actions. MAN my PMS is horrid lately!  ;)  They've been warned.

So I am sitting here stuffed, bloated and just feeling yucky. The battle of the bulge has been at a stalemate for the last two months. I dipped down to 182 in the middle of June but I haven't seen it again since. Husband has insisted we eat a pizza at the VFW like once a week. And we've been BBQing a ton. And he likes to use his deepfryer for potato wedges on those BBQ days.  SO YEAH today I was closer to 185. Maybe its just pre-period bloat? We'll see.

I've also quit attending TOPS meetings. Life has just gotten busy. One kid to piano, one kid to dance, both kids to VBS, camp, blah blah blah. I'm sure those Tuesday afternoon weigh-ins kept me accountable for at least a day or two each wee…

Up and Down, Round and Round

MAYBE I shouldn't celebrate a 4.4LB Tops Weigh-In weight loss with pigging out.

MAYBE thinking I can have a treat because I've been so good lately isn't a good idea.

MAYBE that one little bite of something carby and sweet leads to non-stop bread/muffin/sugar cravings, subsequent will-power disappointments, and the scale moving many marks in the wrong direction.

These last few days I can barely make it overnight without eating something. I'm coming down with a cold and my psoriasis is peeking out.

I'm starting fresh (AGAIN) today. Had scrambled eggs with a pinch of cheese, a spinach salad with EVOO and balsamic vinegar, and a cup of coffee with a splash of rice milk for breakfast.

At work I'm on my second cup of coffee w a little half and half.

GOAL - no added sugar, lots of leafy greens, EVOO & coconut milk/oil, eggs and meat. If I can make it 72 hours without added sugar I think I'll be past the cravings.

My hunger cues and urges to eat definitely ram…

Hidradenitis Suppurativa

In my last post - two weeks ago or so - I mentioned that I started a new 'female hormone support' herbal supplement. I had high hopes - a cyst on my thigh started to shrink right away. BUT THEN IT CAME BACK. WITH FRIENDS.  Ugh.  It actually became large enough and close enough to the surface to drain. My period also showed up almost a week early. I'm thinking that this supplement is probably a big fat FAIL - but I'm going to finish the bottle and see how this next cycle goes. It could have been from all the dairy I had added (and since removed) the last couple of months too.
Anyways - I'm pretty sure that the cysts that have plagued me since puberty are a disease called Hidradenitis Suppurativa. And June has it too - she's already developed 3 scars on her butt from deep cysts. I'm sure that less sugar/dairy/wheat will help her situation, but who wants to try and get a 6 yr old to give up all her favorite things?  
I'm waking up between 183-184 each day.…

OK, so maybe me and cheese cannot be BFFs

I'm two weeks out from my last post - and I was so excited that the needle was moving down - that I thought maybe I can relax my routine a bit. The cream in my coffee didn't seem to bother anything so I thought I could let in more dairy.  My weight jumped back up to 186 and has sat there. And my scalp psoriasis has started to flare up. Dear bleu cheese and Ski Queen brown cheese - you tasted wonderful - I really enjoyed your presence - but we need to part ways again.

I sat down with the crazy lady at the Herbal Pumpkin Patch in Hutch yesterday. She read my energy or aura - it was super weird. She suggested a sea kelp supplement, some herbs to balance female hormones, and a probiotic meant to fight candida. I bought it all. The kelp was on my radar after reading Dr. Berg's book. I'm out of probiotics, so sure I'll try this bacillus coagulans . And the female herbal supplement?  I'm willing to try anything to push my cycle out to 28 days again (vs 24) and reduce …

It's Working

I weighed in at 183.6 yesterday... a number I haven't seen since last June! 
And I did it while still eating some junk.
Working to reverse insulin resistance with intermittent fasting is the way.
I think that if I can stick to at least a 12-13 hour fast - with the at least 16 or 24 or 36 hour thrown in there 2x a week, I'll slowly keep dropping.
After a month of intentional eating - pausing before I take a bite - do I really want to spike my insulin right now?  Skipping the snacks between meals is easy.

Imma gonna reset my weight set point, damnit.

Other things to note: I've been avoiding bread, I'm back on a little bit of dairy (HWC or half n half w coffee), and a shot of EVOO & fresh lemon juice some mornings keeps hunger at bay all day.